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Savannah Children's Book Festival

Blue Balliett


Blue Balliett’s first book, Chasing Vermeer, was a New York Times bestseller and Edgar Award winner, and won the Chicago Tribune Prize for Young Adult Fiction. It has now been translated into over thirty-five languages.

In her latest book, The Danger Box, Balliett introduces readers to a new cast of characters, and a new kind of mystery. Balliett says, "The Danger Box is a story set in a very small, very quiet town in Michigan, one that could be almost anywhere in the United States. A worn, red notebook appears, one that might or might not have belonged to one of the most famous and controversial thinkers ever, a person who has been dead for over a hundred years-and whose name is known around the world. Dangerous sparks are struck...and soon a boy, a girl and a way of life are surrounded by flames."

Blue encourages writers of all ages. Her advice to young writers is this: "Kids who want to be writers should just keep writing. Keep a notebook, and write lots, including questions and ideas you don’t completely understand. I also think it’s really important for writers to read well-written books – if you’re a constant reader, the language you read becomes a part of your own language."

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Watch and listen to Blue talk about her newest book, The Danger Box.