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Savannah Children's Book Festival

Coastal Writers & Illustrators


We welcome this year's group of Coastal Writers and Illustrators to the 10th Annual
Savannah Children's Book Festival. You will be able to meet the authors, buy their books, and have the books signed by the authors.

Download the festival program. For a printable up-to-date list of the coastal writers and illustrators that will be at the festival, click here.

Randy Bazemore, “The Legend of the Putter Frog of Frogmore, SC”

Layne E. Brightwell, “Seeking Pink Teak”

Dr. Mattie Brown, “Fletcher Fly Flips and Flees Florida”

Rosalind Bunn & Kathleen Howard, “The Butter Bean Lady”

Tia Capers, “Nadia’s Loose Tooth”

Laura Ceville, “My Dog Jack”

Suzanne Cotsakos & Chelsea Menzies
, “Mutasia: Figley’s New Favorite Food”

K.A. DaVur, “Hunter the Horrible”

Desmond Woodruff Delk, “I Love My SSU!”

A. Dragonblood, “Digital Spellbound”

Carolyn Eastwood, “Mystery at the Marsh”

Dodd & Cameron Ferrelle, If You Were A Jelly Bean”

Meaghan Fisher, “Giuseppe’s Famous Pizza Pies”

J. Nell Ford, “The Doodle Bug Story”

Nelson Elliot Gassman, “The Day the Sock Circus Came to Town”

Roy A. Graham & Monica R. Graham, “A Beautiful Melody”

Heather Grant, “Max Faces Fear and Makes a Friend”

Kay Heath, “Books Are NOT My Favorite Things”

April Sallen-Jackson, “Away: An Adventure Just On the Other Side of the Mysteria Bridge”

Virgie Jordan, “Little Kangaroo”

Kristen Kerns, “Tommy Fakes the Flu”

Joan Kornblatt, “Mwen We’ Koule’ Yo”

C. Maguire, “The Bloody Book Bag Ordeal”

Michael Mancha, “Three Dog Fright, The Savannah Ghost Chronicles”

Carole Marsh, “The Mystery of the Onion Domes: Russia”

Dave McDonald, “Hamster S.A.M. ODD-Ventures in Space!”

Billy L. Moore, “Little Brother Real Snake”

Mary Nestor-Harper, “Emily’s Best Birthday Present Ever!”

Mac Newell, “Scampering Through Savannah”

J.S. Norstein, “The Halloween Meanie”

Emily Manuel Reeves, “Fiona Flamingo Lost Her Pink”

Sarah Renee, “The Saderia Series”

Patsy Smith Roberts, “Billy Ray-The Adventures of a Vervet Monkey”

Mona L. Scott, “Timothy McHugglebee Gets His Coat of Arms”

Andrea Studenc, “Beach Brain Jane’s Hairy Adventures on Hilton Head Island”

Mary C. Sullivan, “ABC Animals”

Audilee Boyd Taylor, “Where Did My Feather Pillow Come From?”

Gina A. Williams, “There’s a Mamulu in My Closet”