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Savannah Children's Book Festival

Coastal Writers & Illustrators


We welcome this year's group of Coastal Writers and Illustrators to the 11th Annual
Savannah Children's Book Festival. You will be able to meet the authors, buy their books, and have the books signed by the authors.

Download the festival program.

Clara Aguero, “Tappy Turtle”

Franni Bacot, “Invasion at Kilenny”

Christopher & Sandy Branam, “Rise of the Dough Boys”

Dr. Mattie Brown, “Pumpkin Noodle-Frog-Mania
Elaine Boyington, “Scary Berry and Friends”

Rosalind Bunn & Kathleen Howard, “The Monster’s Three”

Greg Burnham, “Grandpa’s Shoes”

Tia Capers, “Nadia’s Loose Tooth”

Bess Chappas, “Kiki and the Statue of Liberty”

Desmond Woodruff Delk, “I Love My SSU!”

Michael Flynn, “Mutasia: The Endless Caverns”

J.Nell Ford, “The Doodle Bug Story”

Roy A. & Monica R. Graham, “The Legend of Tai & Burung Elang”

Kay. S. Heath, “Ida Claire, It’s Summertime!”

Erin Herman, “The Mystery at Shark Reef”

Dr. J.A. Jahannes, “W.W.: The Story of a Boy
Who Became a Legend”

Alexis Johnson, “Wolf Burn”

Shauntaye Jan-Cel, “I Had A Car”

Mary Lee, “The ABC's of Titles for Tiny Tales”

Leslie & Ty Lewis, “Black Boys: Our Hidden Treasure”

Jose Lucio, “Heave Ho!”

C. Maguire, “The Bloody Book Bag Ordeal”

Michael Mancha, “Three Dog Fight”

Kentrell Martin, “Shelly’s Outdoor Adventure”

Ladonna Marie, “Until Tomorrow Comes”

Rob McClurkan, “Aw, Nuts!”

Ryan McCullough, “Mutasia: The Nib Book”

Lisa Marcia Morris, “The Beautiful Stuff”

Mary Nestor-Harper, “Emily’s Best Birthday Party Ever!”

J.J. Parsons, “Dead Chest Island”

Sarah Renee, “Club Trouble (Saderia Series Book 6)”

Emily Manuel Reeves, “Fiona Flamingo Has Lost Her Pink”

Chilena Marie Roberts, “My Mama Called Me Chilie”

Emily Slusher & Angela Kakabeeke, “Captain Savannah Sustainability Series”

Valerie Stern, “Hooray for Harold”

Dr. Debi Toporoff, “Herbie the Dung Beetle”

Jo Tucker, “Jo’s Pieces”

Vincent Verrico, “Every Ornament Has It’s Place”

Marla Doane Walker, “Grandparents- The More the Merrier!”

Vincent Wolf, “The Boy with Hearts for Hair”

Jay Wright, “Where’d the Sun Go?”