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Savannah Children's Book Festival

Coastal Writers & Illustrators

We welcome this year's group of Coastal Writers and Illustrators to the 12th Annual
Savannah Children's Book Festival. You will be able to meet the authors, buy their books, and have the books signed by the authors.

Brennan Arkins, “The Magic Kings”

Dr. Mattie Brown, “Snelson Snail Sneezes in Snow”

Tia Capers, “Nadia’s Green Day Festival”

John Choquette, “Burlwood Forest”

Gwendolyn Clark, “The Pig That Bit My Thumb”

J. Nell Ford, “The Doodle Bug Story”

Mary J. Nestor-Harper, “Emily’s Best Birthday Party Ever”

Hannah Harrison, “What Are Aunts For?”

Shauntaye Jan-Cel, “I Had a Car”

Angela Kakabeeke, “Captain Savannah and the Saint Patrick’s Day Mystery”

Carole Marsh Longmeyer, “Savannah Night Before Christmas”

Jose’ Lucio, “Heave Ho!”

Lynn Stephens Massey, “ABECEDARIAN INSECTARIUM: Bugs and Insects A to Z”

Emily Manuel McAleer
, “Fiona Flamingo Has Lost Her Pink”

Nancy Miller and Kristin Lanett, “Goodbye Gloomies”

Mac Newell, “Scampering Through Savannah”

J. J. Parsons, “Dark Signal Mountain: An Edison Jones Adventure”

L.A. Patrick, “Project Paranormal”

Chiquette Thompson, Ed.D, LMSW, “I Like Peanuts . . . But Peanuts Don’t Like Me”

Vincent Wolf, “The Boy With Hearts for Hair”

Danielle Wadsworth
, “The Adventures of Abby and Katie: Looking for Woodland Friends”

Marla Doane Walker, “I Shouldn’t Have Peeked”

Barbara Weisberg, “Space Creatures”

Marcus Williams, “Hero Cats”