Mission and Planning

Our Mission

Live Oak Public Libraries provides excellent, responsive service to enrich people’s lives,
support lifelong learning and build and enhance our communities.

Our Vision

Creating tomorrow’s library today to educate, inform, entertain and enrich our community.

Our Values

We ensure that all users of Live Oak Public Libraries receive attentive, timely and courteous customer service.

We provide quick, convenient, accurate and non-judgmental responses to all requests.

We believe that users of our libraries should receive free and unrestricted access to library collections and services.

We are forward thinking, agile, dynamic and flexible.

We provide a supportive work environment and appreciate the contributions of each and every employee.

We are honest, accountable and good stewards of the public trust.

We are open to ideas for improving the libraries.

We encourage the joy of reading and learning each and every day.

Board of Trustees’ Values

We are advocates for the library and the communities we represent.

We respect each other’s ideas and commit ourselves to working for the library.

We value the trust and high regard of the community we serve.

We value the relationship between the board and the staff and strive for compatibility, respect and courtesy between board and staff.

We are fully committed to fulfill our responsibilities as Board members.


Live Oak Public Libraries consists of 16 branches and one bookmobile. Yearly, the library checks out more than 1.9 million items, answers in excess of 530,000 questions, registers 670,000 computer sessions and presents library programs to more than 50,000 Library patrons in Chatham, Effingham, and Liberty counties.

Where we’ve been

History of Live Oak Public Libraries: The Savannah Public Library was established in 1903 in a room at the Georgia Historical Society and contained 23,000 volumes. The main library building on Bull Street was opened in 1916. In 1945, Effingham County Library joined Savannah Public Library to form The Chatham-Effingham Regional Library, and in 1956, the regional library expanded to include Liberty County, establishing The Chatham-Effingham-Liberty (CEL) Regional Library.

Where we’re going
Strategic Plan 2011