Purchase Requests


Request a purchase online through WorldCat. Use this if you can't find a title in our catalog and it's something you think that the library should have in its collections.

view instructions or view a demo

Find the item you would like us to buy and open its detail.

Click on the request a purchase or loan from another library link.

Fill out the form, noting that you wish the item be purchased, and submit.

We will contact you when the item has been bought and is in the library. If we choose not to purchase the item, we will contact you about possibly borrowing it from another library.

Due to budget constraints, we are not accepting requests for music or foreign language items at this time.

We may not purchase a title for one of the following reasons:

1. The materials are of an extremely technical, scholarly, or specialized nature, and therefore would be useful to a very small number of library users.

2. The expense of an item is out of proportion to its anticipated value or use.

3. The materials are proscribed by federal or state statutes.


Islands Library will be closed Monday, September 22, and will reopen Tuesday, October 14, at their new location at 50 Johnny Mercer Blvd. (Whitemarsh Island Rd. & Johnny Mercer Blvd.)

Help us move the Islands Library's books!

Check out as many books as you can from the old branch between now and its closing and return those items to the new branch after it opens. All items checked out at the Islands branch between now and its closing get a special six-week loan period.