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Posted 11/1/2013:
Request for Proposal for Internet Access for Live Oak Public Libraries
Erate Funding Year July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015

RFP closing: 12/5/2013

Questions to RFP will be answered below until 12/3/2013.

Our current provider is Georgia Public Web.

The provider must provide the routers and manage the network for each location within a county or the entire system. We do not own our current routers. They are Cisco 7200 VXR models.

We do not use or need VoIP.

We do require filtering, as per CIPA. We would prefer an "upstream" or "cloud" filter, rather than a filter/firewall at each of our branches. We would prefer a way to look up a URL on the filter to see what its categorization is. We would prefer a way to "whitelist" certain sites.

We are required to be able to disable the filter for an adults upon request. We currently do this by pointing the browser to a proxy server, thereby "going around" the filter.