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“A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people.”

Andrew Carnegie

The Challenge
Live Oak Public Libraries Foundation recognizes learning and literacy barriers as chief obstacles for our community’s success; these barriers lead to increased high school dropout and teen pregnancy rates; low wages; unemployment; poverty; and crime. As Geoffrey Canada, head of the Harlem Children’s Zone, states, “education is key to climbing out of poverty and literacy is critical to a child’s educational success”.

The Solution:
READ! SUCCEED! augments local literacy opportunities with exciting, interactive, learning programs based on proven practices. Our branch libraries serve some of the most economically disadvantaged children in our community. They live in neighborhoods plagued with drugs and violent crime, and the social problems associated with these crippling concerns. Your investment in this campaign extends the Library’s reach, providing access to reading materials to parents of newborns, regardless of income; children in rural areas whose parents may not take them to the Library; and struggling students who need homework assistance as well as computer access. Your gift allows our community to READ! SUCCEED!

Metrics are collected for each initiative-based program and evaluated annually to determine the programs’ effectiveness in achieving the expected outcomes. For more information on the evaluation process, contact the Foundation at (912) 652-3605 or
Live Oak Public Libraries provide individuals and companies with the resources to compete with today’s issues while preparing for tomorrow’s challenges. We offer all of the elements of a modern library: leisure reading, research materials, job listings, career development resources, audiovisuals, e-books, business reference information, databases, and computer and wireless access. We are a community gathering place, offering a safe, nurturing environment which allows us to expose visitors to new experiences and new ideas in a non-threatening manner. We offer services that are relevant to everyone in our community, from the youngest to the oldest, the economically challenged to the financially stable, the unemployed to the business owner, the novice to the expert. Library services are free and available to all.

READ! SUCCEED! Annual Budget
Public funding supports the Library’s operational costs such as books and materials for the shelves, staffing the reference desk, and providing equipment. However, the Live Oak Public Libraries Foundation must raise $177,000 annually from private sources to offer the solid, proven literacy and learning programs described herein. Below, the annual budget for READ! SUCCEED! is allocated to the Library’s core literacy and learning initiatives:

READ! SUCCEED! Annual Budget

Winter Reading Program $5,000
Teens+ $7,000
Reading and Theater $10,000
Family Literacy $15,000
Reading and Music $20,000
Early Literacy $35,000
Homework Help $35,000
Summer Reading Program $50,000

Total for READ! SUCCEED!$177,000

Your investment in READ! SUCCEED! yields quality literacy programs based on proven practices that will touch more families in our community. Your gift has the potential to
• help a child learn to read for a lifetime
• assist a student with his or her homework
• inspire an adult to seek further education or career advancement
Each of these outcomes helps strengthen our community, ensuring its vitality, growth, safety and ability to overcome significant issues like barriers to academic achievement, unemployment, poverty, and crime.

When you think about the greatest resource of knowledge and culture in our community, which organization comes to mind? If Live Oak Public Libraries does not already place at the top of your list, maybe it is time for you to schedule a tour to see all that we are doing throughout our Library system. To schedule a personal tour to learn more about Live Oak Public Libraries, call (912) 652-3605 or email

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And remember: the Library is free and is available to anyone! Andrew Carnegie again:

“There is not such a cradle of democracy upon the earth as the Free Public Library,
this republic of letters, where neither rank, office, nor wealth receive the slightest consideration.”