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Gamble Collection:Fifty Years Memories Of Life In Savannah, Georgia

In 1888, Mr. Thomas Gamble came to Savannah and became a reporter for the Savannah Evening Times. Mr. Gamble was an author, historian and the mayor of Savannah. On March 20, 1938, Mr. Gamble began publishing a series of articles in the Savannah Morning News. These articles illustrated life and progress of Savannah from 1888 to 1938. In addition to this series of articles, this scrapbook also contains a few letters, stories and pictures from various other sources.

Table Of Contents

Broughton Street Between Drayton And Abercorn

Carter's Death Revives Memories Of Noted Case

Cathedral Of St. John The Baptist Before The Steeples

Chimney Sweeps

Christ Church

City Fathers At January Inauguration

City Hall

Colonial Dames Home

Fence Around Johnson Square

Fifty Years In Savannah 1888 To 1939 - Part 1

Fifty Years In Savannah 1888 To 1939 - Part 2

Fifty Years In Savannah 1888 To 1939 - Part 3

Fifty Years In Savannah 1888 To 1939 - Part 4

Forty-Four Years Of Service Is Record Of Froebel Circle

George Whitefield Chapel

Georgia Historical Society In Hodgson Hall

Georgia's Day In Washington

Home Where Girl Scouts Were Founded

Horsa Not The Last Emigrant Boat To Sail To Liberia

Horse Car At Drayton And Bay Streets

Hotly Contested 1912 Campaign Recalled

How Savannah Celebrated World War I Armistice Day

Ill-Fated Movement Of Negroes To Liberia Recalled

Josephus Daniels At Launchings Of S. S. Addie Daniels

Layout Of Savannah And Oglethorpe and Bull

Letter From Congressman Oscar Underwood

Letter From Harmon Presidential Headquarters

Letter From Josephus Daniels

Memories Of Savannah's Greatest Hurricane

New Story About Life In Savannah

Oberlin Carter Dies In Chicago

Oglethorpe Avenue

Old Buildings On River's Edge

Oldest Building In Savannah

Old Savannah Hospital

Pine Tree Resin In Barrles

Portrait Of Colonel Theodore Wagner

Post Office At Wright Square

Prohibition In Savannah

Pulaski House

Savannah Before The Civil War

Savannah In 1883

Savannah Jail

Savannah's First Horseless Carriage

Savannah Waterfront In 1865

Scene At Bay And Drayton Streets

Spring In Savannah

St. John The Baptist Church

Sunday Afternoon At Forsythe Park

Telfair Academy Of Arts And Sciences

Thomas Gamble Here For Half Century

William Harden Is Librarian Of Georgia Historical Society

Woman's Shop On East Broughton

Woodburning Locomotive On Liberty Street


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