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Gamble Collection: Savannah Scrapbook

Table Of Contents

922 Blizzard

Along The River Bluff

Ancient Building Gives Way to Progress

Anderson Home

Antique Wooden Building At Broughton And Drayton Streets

Ariel View Of Savannah's Beautiful Catholic Cathedral

Ariel View Of Savannah The Forest City

Aspect Of An English Town Oglethorpe Square

Balcony At Abercorn And Congress Streets

Beautiful Doorways

Bridge On Factors Walk

Broughton Street Transformation

Bull Street Baptist Church

Casimir Pulaski Monument

Central Of Georgia Railway Station

Central Of Georgia Railway Viaduct

Chatham Academy

Chatham Academy Art Students

Chatham Jail At Forty Years Old

Chippewa Square

Christ Church

Christ Church Maintains Its Historic Position

Christ Church On Johnson Square

Colonial Candleholders

Colonial Dames Exhibit

Cotton Shipping In 1875

Cunningham Home Doorway

Customs House

Dancing Students of Gertrude Jones At The Hermitage

Davenport House

Davenport House Doorway

Davenport House Stairway

Doorway In Metropolitan Museum

Doorway On Gaston Street

Dr. Walter Norton Home

Early Savannah Homes

Early Savannah Homes Image

East Side

Effort To Save MacKay House

Elliott Home Doorway

Ex-Slave At The Hermitage

Family Kitchen Of Olden Times

Ford Plantation At Way Station

Formal Garden At Wormsloe

Front Of Wesley Monumental Church

General James Edward Oglethorpe Monument

General Oglethorpe Hotel

Georgia Architecture In The Early Eighteen Hundreds

Gifts Given To Telfair Kitchen By Mrs. Bullard

Glimpse Of Library At Wormsloe

Glimpse Of Old Savannah

Gordon Home

Grace Church

Granite Seat At Yamacraw Bluff

Henry Ford Purchases Hermitage


Hermitage Fifty Years Ago

Hermitage Is Famous Antebellum Plantation

Hermitage Mansion

Historic Savannah Homes

History Of Georgia In Costume: Miss Mary Birdsey

Hodgson Hall

Home At Bradley's Point

Home Of Society Of Colonial Dames

House On Hull Street

Hull And Montgomery Street Home

Ice Draped Trees In Colonial Park

Incline On Barnard Street

Independent Presbyterian Church

Independent Presbyterian Church And The Manse

Independent Presbyterian Church Rear View

Interior Of Owens House

Interior Of West Kitchen At Telfair Academy

Interior Of Wormsloe Library

Interior Views Of Mackay Hunter House

James Habersham Portrait

Jewish Educational Alliance

John C. LeBey Buys Flannery Home

Johnson Square

Johnson Square Before Sprinklers And Shrubbery

Juliette Low Home

Kitchen At Telfair Home

Last Patrician Will Have Joined the Gallant Knight

Library At Wormsloe

Lincoln Street At Congress Street

Living At The Hermitage

Looking Down At Savannah

Low House Is Home Of Colonial Dames

Lutheran Church Of The Ascension

Main Library

Manse Of Independent Presbyterian Church

Margaret Jones and Grace Morrow

Margaret Jones, Gertrude Jones And Marion Hammond At The Hermitage

Martha Mary Chapel

Meeting Of James Edward Oglethorpe With Tomochichi

Meldrim Home

Meldrim Home At Madison Square

Meldrim Home Doorway

Meldrim Home Entrance

Midday On Gordon Wharf

Minis Home Doorway

Minis Home Portico

Minis Home Wins Medal

More Savannah Doorways

Mrs. George Armstrong Home

Mrs. Mary Rogers 100 Years Old

Mum Jenny

Nathanael Greene Monument Bluff

Negro Quarter On East Perry Street

New Sunday School At Independent Presbyterian Church

New Telephone Building

No Yankee Stones Used For Monument

Oglethorpe Avenue Formerly South Broad Street

Oglethorpe Avenue Houses Maintain Old Traditions

Oglethorpe Avenue Scene

Oglethorpe Monument

Old Beacon Light

Old Buildings Along The River's Edge

Old Christ Church

Old City Dwellings

Old Courthouse

Old Doorway

Old Habersham House

Old Pink Building Once Home Of Habershams

Old Planters Bank

Old Playhouse Savannah Theater

Old Pulaski Home

Old Savannah Doorways

Old Savannah Hospital

Old Savannah Houses

Old Sheldon Church

Old Stairway

Old Telfair Kitchen

Old World And the New

Oldest Building In Savannah

On The Skidaway Road

One Savannah Corner

Original Electric Lighting System

Owens House

Owens House Considered Most Beautiful

Owens House Portico

Owens House Stairway

Owens Mansion

Owens Mansion Designed By William Jay

Pirate House

Plan To Preserve Old Hunter House

Porch At Drayton And Perry Streets

President Street

Ralph Elliott House Being Demolished

Richard Arnold's Silver Centerpiece

Richard D. Arnold House

River Front Seawall

River Front Wall And Stairway

River Street At Bull Street

Ruins Of Fort Wimberley At Wormsloe

Sailing Of The S. S. Savannah From Savannah To Liverpool

Sally Port At Fort Jackson

Sally Port Of Barracks

Salzburger Society Spoon Mold

Savannah Before The Civil War

Savannah Business District And Harbor

Savannah Doorways

Savannah Homes Offered To President As Summer Capitol

Savannah Huts Trnasplanted In Michigan

Savannah In 1734

Savannah Junior High

Savannah River

Savannah Scenes

Savannah's Harbor Light

Savannah Theater

Scarborough House

Scarborough House Holds Record Of Past Glory

Scarborough House Railing

Scene At Bradley's Point

Scene Near Old Rice Mills One Of Rare Beauty

Scene On River Street

Schley Home

Sea Islands Sloops At Barnard Street Dock

Senior High School

Ships On Savannah River

Shrine Country Club At Thunderbolt

Sketch Of City Street

Slave Homes

Slave Houses

Slave Houses On The Hermitage Plantation

Solomon Home

Sorrel Weed House

South Carolina Plantation Harrietta

Spire Of St. John's Church From Liberty Street

St. John The Baptist Cathedral

St. John The Bpatist Cathedral Before the Steeples

St. John's Church Spire

St. Julien DeCaradeuc Home

Stamping Depot

State Militia Guard Jail

Statue In Fountain In Forsythe Park

Strathy Hall

Telfair Academy Of Arts And Science

Telfair Academy Restores Rooms

Telfair Empire Furniture

Telfair Empire Settee

Telfair Family Kitchens Form Interesting Museum

Telfair Kitchen

Temple Mickve Israel

Temple Mickve Israel Interior

The Pines

Thomas Mansion

Tondee Tavern

Town Theater

T. P. Waring House

Trinity Methodist Church

Trinity Methodist Church On St. James Square

Tybee Lighthouse

Vesper Chimes

View Of Savannah's Midtown District From The Air

View Of The Hermitage

View On The Savannah River

Waving Girl

Weed Home

Weed House

Wesley Monumental Church

Where Customs Are Paid

Where Sherman Had To Pay Rent

Where The Public Tests The Weather In Wright Square

William Chadwick Painting

William Murphey's Home Designed By Levy And Clark

William T. Dakin Memorial Image

Wormsloe Gardens

Wormsloe Garden And Library

YMCA Building

YWCA At Whitaker And Oglethorpe Avenue




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