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Gamble Collection: The Story of Casimir Pulaski And The Siege of Savannah In 1779

Table of Contents

American Historical Record : The Count Pulaski

Banner That Pulaski Bore At Savannah

Brilliant Career of Francois Pulaski

Bronze Tablets To Be Unveiled Today

Cast Wreath Upon Water Where Pulaski Was Buried

Catholic Mass On Pulaski Program Is Proper

Celebration Of The Birthday Of Count Pulaski

Count Francis Pulaski

Distinguished Visitors At Pulaski ExercisesExercises For Men Of Valor

Field Mass Has Been Held Before

Fighting To The End Pulaski Was Driven From Poland

Finds Old Badge Of Centennial

Fixing The Spot Where Pulaski Fell Siege Of Savannah

For Six Long Days Shot And Shell Were Poured Into Savannah

Francis Pulaski To Be Guest Here : Several Articles

Gamble's Stories Attract Notice

General Casimir Pulaski

General Pulaski Is Honored

Georgia's Valiant History Is Outlined In Myrick Address : Several Articles

Historical Objects On View To Public

Honor Memory Of Casimir Pulaski

Kingdom Of Poland In Pulaski's Time [Map]

Kosciuszko Monument In Washington D.C.

Letter From Amos A. Ettinger

Letter From Polish Embassy : July 1930

Letter From Thomas M. Hoynes, Mayor

Medallions Token Of Appreciation For Work In Promoting Friendship

Memorial Tablets Will Honor Heroes

Military Mass Sung Out Of Doors

Monument To Kosciuszkoln In Washington D.C.

Most Desparate Battle Of The Revolution Was Fought At Savannah's Fortifications

National Attention Centers On Pulaski With New Interest

National Commission Head In Tribute To Polish Hero

No Braver Soldier Fought In American Revolution Than Count Pulaski

One Hundred Years Ago The Greene And Pulaski Monument Was Completed

One Of Count Pulaski's Last Letters

Oratory In Praise Of Day : Several Articles

Parade Begins Day's Exercises

Parts Of The Pulaski Monument Were Lost In Shipwreck Coming From Italy

Pastors Decline To Attend Mass

Pastors Protest Mayor's Action

Paying Tribute To Casimir Pulaski

Picture Of Three Army Officers Of The Republic Of Poland

Poland Bestows Decorations Here

Poland Honors Savannahians

Pulaski Articles Made Into Book

Pulaski Commanding Cavalry Meets With Many Hard Obstacles

Pulaski Honored In Proclamation

Pulaski Monument In Monterey Square Savannah

Pulaski Won Commission By Bravery On The Battlefield

Receives Drawing Of Pulaski Coat Of Arms

Sale Of Pulaski Stamps Is Heavy

Savannah Soil Sacred With Blood Of American Patriots And Allies

Savannah's Unknown Soldier

Savior Of Central Europe John Sobieski, King Of Poland

Senator George Wires Regrets

Siege And Assault On City

Tragedy Of Poland, The Land Of Pulaski




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