Libby: E-books and Audiobooks

Libby is the new mobile app from OverDrive. It makes borrowing and enjoying e-books and audiobooks easy and user-friendly.

Meet Libby and watch a brief video about how the app works.

Review the Getting Started Guide.

You can install Libby from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
Select Live Oak Public Libraries and then sign in with your Library Card.
Libby is currently available on:

    Android 4.4 or higher
    iOS 9 or higher
    Windows 10

    Click here for tips on how to send books to your Kindle.

What about the OverDrive app via Georgia Download Destination?
Any e-books or audiobooks that you borrow through OverDrive will show up in Libby. You can use the Libby app instead of, or in addition to, the OverDrive app. You can continue to use the OverDrive app if you’d rather not try Libby at this time. Later in 2017, however, users will be asked to switch to Libby.

For questions or troubleshooting, please visit Libby Help.