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A Dream Realized


A Dream Realized: A Celebration of the Life, Poetry and Dreams of Langston Hughes February 1, 2016 marks the 116th Birthday of Langston Hughes, a Harlem Renaissance literary artist. Master Storyteller Lillian Grant-Baptiste will utilize this program to pay tribute to the life, and the works of this creative genius. This program promises to be a lively, uplifting and reflective celebration. All in attendance will be caught-up in spirited and uplifting community affirmations and recitations that will pay homage to the life and legacy of Langston Hughes. For All ages.

Legacy of Arts


This program celebrating Black History Month focuses on African American contributions to sculpture, dance and music. Ulysses Davis, a Savannah native, hand carved wooden sculptures of presidents and world leaders. His collection can be seen at The Beach Institute African American Cultural Center.

Legacy of Innovation


This program celebrating Black History Month focuses on three African American inventors. Valerie Thomas patented the Illusion Transmitter which uses refractory light and optical illusions to create 3D images. Mark Dean, a computer scientist and engineer, holds three of IBM's original nine patents and was instrumental in making computers more accessible and powerful. Ben Montgomery invented a type of propeller for steam powered ships which allowed them to operate more easily in shallow waters. Learn more about one, two or all three inventors while participating in a STEAM activity. Ages 6-12.

Our Local Black History


A special program for Black History Month starting February 5th: Representatives from Pin Point Heritage Museum, Old Fort Jackson, Georgia State Railroad Museum, and Savannah Children's Museum, present an educational and interactive program concerning local black history. All ages. February 5 - 19, various locations.

Phil Morrison Jazz Trio


Composer and bassist Phil Morrison heads up a trio that will bring you some jazz favorites, some original compositions, and introduce you to the fascinating history of jazz music. This special Black History Month program will include original pieces written...

Legacy of Activism


Participants will learn about one or more significant historical events such as the background of the First African Baptist Church in Savannah and its connection to the Underground Railroad; the journalistic activities of W.E.B. DuBois and Ida B. Wells; and the Birmingham Children's March, to be followed by one or more art activities. Ages 6-12.

Lieutenant Flipper’s Trial


A one-act play dramatizing the fateful 1881 trial of Lt. Henry O. Flipper. Presented and performed by the play’s author, Bob Rogers, a former U.S. Army Captain and combat leader during the Vietnam War in Troop A, 1/10th Cavalry. In 1877, Lt. Flipper was the first African-American to graduate from West Point.