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Services for the Disabled

Live Oak Public Libraries now has new equipment for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. The library has installed TTY (Text Telephone) equipment in our larger branches. This adaptive equipment allows people who have TTY equipment to communicate directly with library staff. Customers are now able to call the library using TTYs to find general and reference information.

TTY Numbers: Bull Street Branch: 652-3649 | Oglethorpe Mall Branch: 925-2031 | Thunderbolt Branch: 354-5534 | Liberty Branch (Hinesville): 369-7148 | South Effingham Branch (Rincon): 826-6304

CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) – magnifies printed text and displays it on a monitor. Available at Bull Street, Thunderbolt, Oglethorpe Mall, South Effingham, Liberty

Zoomtext – magnifies images on a computer screen. Available at Bull Street.

JAWS – translates text on computer screen to speech. Available at Bull Street.

Open Book – scans a printed document and reads it aloud. Available at Bull Street

Assistive Listening System – allows persons who are hard of hearing to hear more clearly in an auditorium setting. Available at Bull Street

All of this equipment was purchased through a grant funded under the Library Services and Technology Act that is administered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Georgia Public Library Service