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Community Engagement

We provide services to Chatham, Effingham and Liberty Counties that range from outreach events, literacy training, homebound delivery, drop collections, and volunteer services. In conjunction with Live Oak's mission and service priorities, we strive to deliver exceptional customer service while offering programs and services that reflect our area's diversity.

Outreach service is available at your school and most events. Call 912-925-7774 for details.

Homebound service is to persons unable to visit a library. Call 912-925-8305 for details.

Daycare Drop Collection services are available to eligible child daycare facilities. Call 912-925-8305 to see if your facility is eligible.

Bookmobile service is provided to eligible senior centers. Large Print Drop Collection services are also available. Call 912-925-8305 for details.

Current bookmobile schedule:

Ed Young Senior Center, Savannah Gardens: September 9th, 23rd; October 7th, 21st ; November 4th; December 2nd, 16th

Savannah Summit, Stillwell Towers: October 8th, 22nd; November 5th, 19th; December 3rd, 17th

Thunderbolt Senior Center, Mercy Convent, Phillip Winters: October 9th, 23rd; November 6th, 20th; December 4th, 18th

Azalealand, Coastal Development: October 21st; November 14th; December 12th

Riverview, River's Edge: October 14th, 28th; November 18th; December 9th

Buckingham South, Habersham House: October 1st, 29th; November 12th; December 10th

Chatham Apts., Rose of Sharon: October 2nd, 30th; November 13th; December 11th