Interlibrary Loan

If we don’t have it, we’ll try to get it. The Interlibrary Loan Department (ILL) works with libraries throughout the country to obtain items not held by Live Oak Public Libraries. Anyone with a library card in good standing may submit requests for books and other items through interlibrary loan. Cost is $2.00 for each item received plus any fees that the lending library would charge (if we can’t find a free source). Some lending libraries do charge for lending their items. Please note in your requests the upper limit for these extra fees.

TO SUBMIT A REQUEST (Use this for ILLs only):

Books and other items can be requested online through WorldCat.

Access WorldCat from inside one of our branches.

Access WorldCat from outside our branches.

Use Suggest a Purchase if you want us to buy something.

Just find the item you wish and click on the ILL icon or “Request a loan from another library” link.
ILL WorldCat Help.

Journal articles can be requested via this online ILL article request form.

How many requests can I place through Interlibrary Loan?
Interlibrary Loan requests are limited to ​6 per month per customer. Customers will be notified when they have placed more than ​6 and asked which they would like placed immediately. Staff will then either cancel the other requests per customer or will hold them until the next month to be submitted. If requests are kept on hold until the next month, they will count towards that month’s maximum number of requests.

What cannot be requested?
• DVDs, as very few libraries will lend them.
• Entire issues of magazines.
• LP/ vinyl records.
• Best Sellers.
• Items in high demand.
• Course Books and Textbooks.
• Items less than 14 months old.

Certain items that are also difficult to obtain include audiobooks, music CDs, genealogical materials, and very old items. However we are willing to submit the request – and have been successful on occasion based on the specific item(s).

How long will it take?
In most cases, staff order items from lending libraries within 1-2 working days of receiving requests. The turnaround time for an item ordered on ILL depends largely upon the location of the lending library. Items obtained within Georgia usually take approximately 1-2 weeks to arrive. Items obtained from outside of Georgia take longer. Customers are notified if it is not possible to fill a request by the date specified as “not needed after.” Staff notify people by telephone when items are ready for pick-up at the requested branch.

To check on a request, please call 652-3696 or e-mail Please give a reasonable amount of time for lending libraries to respond (see above) before checking on your request.

How long may I keep the item?
Items are received from the lending library with the date the item is due at that library. The ILL Department does not set the due dates. Most items are renewable one time, upon approval of the lending library. All renewals should be requested at least 3 days prior to the due date to allow time for the ILL Department to request a renewal from the lending library, which may or may not grant the renewal.

Are there any restrictions?
Some items will arrive with restrictions set by the lending library. Restrictions are generally of two kinds: “IN LIBRARY USE ONLY” (item may not leave the library) and “NO RENEWALS” (item may not be renewed, but must be returned by the original due date). The ILL Department does not set these restrictions. The lending library sets the restrictions and Live Oak Public Libraries must follow them.

​Borrowing library systems, please note: we do not lend new books, audiobooks, music CDs, DVDs, genealogy items, entire issues of magazines, and reference materials.