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Download Audiobooks!


MP3 Books have arrived! Play books on your iPod!

Live Oak Public Libraries customers in good standing can now download audiobooks from Georgia Download Destination for listening to on their WMA (Windows Media Audio) and MP3 players.

The service requires downloading OverDrive Media Console™ and related software. This only has to be done the first time a customer begins using the service; after that the download is immediate.

Help is available at Georgia Download Destination. Please do not call the library for technical support.

Currently the collection contains over 900 titles, including best-sellers, classics, popular fiction and nonfiction, and children’s and teen books.

Audiobooks will be downloaded from the Georgia Download Destination website directly to a customer’s home or office computer, 24 hours a day. Library computers cannot be used to download. To help customers with slower dial-up internet connections, books can be downloaded in sections so that listening can begin, even before the entire book has been received.

All titles may be transferred from a computer to a WMA-compatible portable media device. Some are now available in MP3 format (for Apple devices like iPods). Some titles may also be burned to a CD-ROM.

Titles will “check out” for 7 days. After that time they will disappear from the computer. However, if transferred to a portable media player or CD, books will remain there until removed by the customer.

Titles can only be checked out by one person at a time, but titles already checked out can be placed on hold. The requestor will receive an email when the title becomes available, and have 48 hours to download it. If it is not downloaded within that time, the title will be released back to the collection, or the next person on the holds list.

The service is provided by Live Oak Public Libraries, as part of a consortium of Georgia library systems, via Overdrive, a company that specializes in downloadable audio for libraries.