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Purchase Requests


Request a purchase online through WorldCat.
Use this if you can't find a title in our catalog and it's something you think that the library should have in its collections.

Please do not request titles that have not yet been published. We generally order titles about a month before their release. Popular authors' titles may be ordered two months in advance of their release date. You can check Amazon for release dates. Please check the catalog for titles on order.

view instructions or view a demo

Find the item you would like us to buy and open its detail.

Click on the request a purchase or loan from another library link.

Fill out the form, noting that you wish the item be purchased, and submit.

We will contact you when the item has been bought and is in the library. If we choose not to purchase the item, we'll make a note in your record.


How can I find out the status of my request?

We review requests weekly, so depending upon the timing of your request, we will know within about a week if we can/will order the item.

If we CANNOT get something, we place a note in your record so library staff can look up your account and tell you.

We can and do acquire most items requested. Due to the large volume of requests, we cannot reply to all of the requests that we can fulfill, only the ones that we cannot.

Bottom line: no news is good news! Assume that we are ordering the item you requested.

We place orders weekly. When the order is placed, we place a hold for you on the item. You may check your holds online to see if an order has been placed.

How long will it take?

Usually 3-4 weeks for available titles, or 3-4 weeks from the release date for forthcoming titles, from date of order. After arrival from the vendor, items have to be processed and cataloged. Forthcoming titles can be delayed or even cancelled.

Why WorldCat?

WorldCat lets us know exactly what you want. We have had issues in the past with e-mail requests having incorrect or incomplete information and we do not have the staff to follow up on these.

WorldCat will also will show if we already own the item. Sometimes people have requested something the library already owns.

Staff will be happy to help you enter your requests in WorldCat.

If the item you want is not in WorldCat because it is too new, let the staff know and they will forward your request to the Collections Department.

Why won't you get what I requested? What won't you order?

If you are requesting a DVD, please check the title on Rotten Tomatoes or metacritic.We will not purchase titles with a rating less than 50.

Due to budget constraints, we are not accepting requests for music or foreign language items at this time.

We also may not purchase a title for one of the following reasons:

1. The materials are of an extremely technical, scholarly, or specialized nature, and therefore would be useful to a very small number of library users.

2. The expense of an item is out of proportion to its anticipated value or use.

3. The materials are proscribed by federal or state statutes.

If you have any questions, please call the Acquisitions/ILL Technician at 652-3616 or e-mail